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Ryan Dube
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June 2006
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Ryan has been a tech writer and editor since 2007. He was a Group Editor for Technology and Automotive channels at LoveToKnow.com from 2006-2010, writer and SEO Manager at MakeUseOf from 2008-2014, and served as the Managing Editor there from 2014-2017. Ryan is now a writer & editor at Lifewire.com, a tech writer at GroovyPost.com, and the Managing Editor for AKIC Consulting which owns helpdeskgeek.com, online-tech-tips.com, and switchingtomac.com.

Ryan Dube worked for Pratt & Whitney as an automation engineer for 13 years, a Senior IT Analyst for Corning Life Sciences for 5 years, a certified OSI PI System Integrator with Process Automation Solutions, and today works as a Corporate Digital Transformation Leader at Eastman Chemical Corporation.

Ryan Dube presented at the OSIsoft National Conference in San Francisco in 2014 and has been featured on national TV (History Channel and Canada’s Vision TV), as well as radio and various podcasts.

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Expert Writer
Premium Articles

Ryan has been publishing online since 2006 and has published over a thousand articles. With his SEO background and passion for writing, Ryan can draw in more readers, keep them on your pages longer, and draw them deeper further into your site.

Experienced Editor
Enhance Your Content

Ryan can ensure your writers are following your styleguide, or any standard ones like ALA, AMA, or Chicago. His feedback to writers is kind, thorough, and effective. Most editors only clean up content, but Ryan seeks to help authors improve their own craft and grow.

Managing Editor
Proven Leadership

Ryan was the managing editor for a major tech site, and a blockchain marketing company. He’s successfully managed over 50 editors and writers at once, handled hiring needs, and reporting on overall performance. Ryan is the kind of leader that focuses on helping others find their passion, and use that passion to grow. Employee growth always leads to business growth.

SEO and Content Management
Search Engine Optimization

Ryan can help you enhance both the on-page optimization of your site, as well as the back-end technical SEO aspects. Ryan’s Google Analytics articles have been tweeted by Google’s own Analytics team. Ryan uses the latest SEO tools and technology to identify high search engine demand topic that’ll light a fire under your traffic.

Business and Workflow Automation
Streamline Your Business

With expert level programming experience in Google Scripts, Microsoft Office VBA, and automation tools like Zapier, Ryan can take manual processes inside your organization and convert them into automated, streamlined workflows. Stop working so hard and let Ryan automate your work for you.

Investigative Reporting
Exciting, Personal Stories.

Ryan Dube has been featured on Vision TV and the History Channel for his investigative reporting into innovative stories that few others have explored. If you’re looking for an insightful writer who can get to the bottom of any story, you need look no farther.

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